Ristorante Al Fresco - Italia | Roda

Al Fresco Restaurant - Italy


Project: Emanuele Bortolotti

In the middle of the Tortona quarter, an old, abandoned warehouse over times has taken on new forms, to become today an elegant and original restorative space.
Al Fresco, Italian words with which the Anglo-Saxons define the outdoor dining, is a real meeting place with kitchen: a location dedicated not only to the pleasures of the palate,  but also to the pleasures of an atmosphere that one can savour - before and after meals - as a place to enjoy a glass of good wine or a piece of home-made cake among the flowering plants and aromatic herbs.
In this elegant, but informal place, a little greenhouse, a little Italian bistrot, a little artist's studio, RODA collections, thanks to their design, furnish harmoniosly the space, enhancing the magnificent atmosphere.