RODA for you

For you.
To work together to construct your projects
and achieve mutually-satisfying results;
to listen to your needs and generate unique achievements.
This is why RODA for you was born.


RODA for you is the division of RODA entirely dedicated to special projects in terms of size, characteristics or rapports — including customisations, private labels, contract realisations and private installations.

Within RODA for you, a team of people with transversal skills assesses and discusses your needs, your ideas and your ambitions, to track the identity of the project together with you, to then complete the project whilst still offering support even after delivery, considering all of the necessary variables, with streamlined procedures and a broad sharing of all tools. 


Active listening and open dialogue.

Focusing on active listening, trying to capture what is transmitted beyond words, is the first communicative activity that allows us to achieve synergy with our interlocutor, giving the opportunity to exchange information and knowledge.

With an approach that we define as almost maieutic, we build opportunities for discussion and mutual learning, establishing relationships of trust, positive connections and an exploration of the potential of each proposal, so as to quickly generate a shared system and dedicated pathway.



The key word is: flexibility.

Intellectual creativityand production flexibility power the engine that drives RODA for you to welcome requests as unique as they are heterogeneous, where form and function do not always follow predefined expressive canons but are reinterpreted according to the specific needs and technologies, with an extremely high level of customisation, covering the design, the selection of finishes, the application of a personalised working method and the development of an empathetic and exclusive rapport.


Production and certified materials.

For specific projects, RODA for you avails of the advice and experience of a network of established suppliers, to propose solutions able to meet the requirements of certified materials and productions, for private or EU use, according to the regulations established by the individual countries and sectors.  

RODA has also obtained the significant international certifications of GREENGUARD GOLD and FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) FSC-C155819 – the responsible forest management brand – to take on an active role in respecting the environment and ecosystems from which the teak wood derives.

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