30 years of RODA

RODA is turning 30 – a felicitous age of awareness and goals reached over years of growth, research, success and excitement. This positive and solid story originated in a love for beautiful, liveable outdoor areas. It has unfolded under the construction and international diffusion of a renewed culture of the home environment based on new aesthetic languages, high quality and character.

Roberto Pompa founded RODA.

Furniture in teak goes to market.

Participation in national and international trade fairs commences.

Launch of the first advertising campaign.

Rodolfo Dordoni becomes artistic director and designer for RODA.

First presence at the Salone del Mobile in Milan and launch of the initial collection “Network”.

Inauguration of the headquarters in Gavirate (Varese).

Presentation of the first innovative general catalogue dedicated to in&out.

A generational change takes place, with Daniele and Davide Pompa now heading the company.

Launch of the “Dandy”, the first outdoor sofa with hydro-draining technology.

Inauguration of the new logistics and production hub in Bodio Lomnago (Varese).

The “RODA For You” division is created, dedicated to contract and custom projects.

Development and communication of a new company vision.

Ambitious pioneers of indoor-outdoor furniture
1991 - 2001
Ambitious pioneers of indoor-outdoor furniture

Ambitious pioneers of indoor-outdoor furniture Lots of energy and a visionary kind of enthusiasm led to the birth of RODA. The company's founder, Roberto Pompa, followed his revolutionary intuition to approach al fresco areas as places to inhabit and enhance with refined pieces of furniture. The company's name speaks clearly of people and loved ones: RODA is an acronym of the names of the Pompa family – Roberto and his wife Rosaria form the "Ro" and their children Daniele and Davide form the "Da".

Cultura e rivoluzione:  verso un nuovo senso dell’abitare
Culture and revolution: toward a new sense of outdoor living

The vision and ambition held at RODA gradually became a process. This was a decade of great importance, centred on the cultural enhancement and ennoblement of a new type of garden furniture. In order to encompass design, a sense of conviviality, and the kind of emotions given by interiors, the strategic need emerged for an artistic director, so Rodolfo Dordoni was welcomed aboard. RODA participated in its first Milan Furniture Fair in 2005. Its innovative first catalogue featured a clear overview of the company's original approach to outdoor living. The fair and the catalogue were turning points that led to the global confirmation of the success of the strategy, the product, and the unusual, sophisticated combinations of materials and colours.

La consapevolezza dell’esperienza
Experience and awareness

Substantiated by an affirmed identity, the third decade at RODA was conscientious and aimed at responsible production. Vision was born from daily life, sustained and guided by the Pompa family's new generation and by the determination and total commitment that a running a mature firm requires and decidedly encourages. This was a time of expansion. A new location for production and logistics was added to the headquarters in Gavirate. The premises in Bodio Lomnago represent a strategic investment in the internalisation of certain processes in order to reach elevated flexibility in terms of prototyping, manufacturing and packaging, all of which are fundamental ingredients in the unique mix and match of colours, materials and finishes that is a particular source of pride at RODA. 

RODA oggi e oltre il 2021
RODA today and beyond 2021

RODA is now synonymous with experience and meticulousness. Its products are designed by international talents, the strong appeal of its range surpasses the market's seasonality, and the overall vision is sustained with openness and great flexibility. The company continues bringing to the world high-quality creative projects based on the careful selection of raw materials, the sustainability of manufacturing processes, and elevated performance. RODA is increasingly active in the contract sector and customisation. Prominent commissions and collaborations have led to the development of the "RODA for you" division, and the amplification of internal production facilities.
Innovation in cultural approach, product type, quality and communication has become the very soul of the company's consolidated, knowledgeable vitality. The RODA team is looking forward to a future of positive relations and the synergy they bring.